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Persona.ly creates smart tools that help developers maximize their revenues, without compromising on the user experience.

In-game advertising Mobile Performance DSP

In-Game Advertising

Keep your game freemium and monetize your non-paying users worldwide. Reward your users with in-game currency in exchange for performing simple activities like watching videos, downloading apps and filling out surveys.
Instantly begin generating revenue as non-paying users enhance their gaming experience and have fun.

  • Video

  • Market

  • Worldwide

  • Rock Solid

  • 24/7
    User Support

  • Localization

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Mobile Performance DSP

Mobile Performance Marketing at its best

  • 1500+ campaigns - 99% Fill Rate.
  • CPI Model - Get paid up to $10 per install.
  • Exclusive inventory of direct campaigns in all verticals -Games, Social Apps, Utilities and more.
  • Creative Ads - variety of creative ads to effectively reach your audience.
  • Localization - Be global, speak local. Reach users in their language of choice.
  • Video, Banner, Full Screen Interstitial Ads - we got them all!
  • Cloud-based In-house tracking platform.
  • Real time Reporting - Get rich insights into your traffic and revenues data as it happens.
  • Expert Support - A dedicated mobile expert to help get the most out of your traffic sources.

Innovative Mobile Ad Units

Say goodbye to low click-through rates and terrible user experience, and say hello to Persona.ly’s innovative mobile ad units. Deliver an unmatched user experience and maximize your revenue. Avoid ad blindness, increase conversion rates and be always ahead of the pack.

  • Native Ads

    Use Persona.ly flexible Open API to create customized ads that look and feel just like your app.

    • Games
    • Interstitials
    • App of the day
    • List
    • Feed
  • App wall

    A wishlist of apps customized and targeted for each individual

  • Mobile - web ads

    Use our plug-and-play feature to start monetizing now. You don't have to be a tech savvy, it is as simple as copy-paste to build the right ad for your mobile site.


Our Technology

Open API

Let’s end manual campaign management. With the Persona.ly API you’ll get access to a full feed of available campaigns. It’s time to sit back and enjoy your performance results.


More than 1500 advertisers and app developers are waiting to bid on lucrative placements in your app. Let the Persona.ly machine-learning algorithms maximize your revenue and turn your app into a profitable business.

Targeting and segmentation:

Deliver the right app to the right user right where they want it. Our automated targeting engine will identify your audience’s interests and build robust user profiles. Increase conversion rates by delivering the apps that match your users’ online personas and interests.

User Acquisition

Delivering quality users at scale

  • 142Countries

  • 1000 +Publishers

  • 1.2+ MillionInteractions/month

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A team of developers, artists and marketers with diverse backgrounds in the startup scene, we know what it takes to turn a product into profit. Our team members have been on both sides of the monetization table—developer and advertiser—and this gives us the unique ability to build solutions that meet the needs of both.

Eat. Sleep. Monetize. Repeat.

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